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About Us

Adrwa Mento is about extending the learning process off-campus. We strive to empower the digitally connected young generations of today by allowing them to learn at their own pace in their own space. We understand that the real marrow of 21st century learning is not merely an educational app or productive app but a smooth blend of both, “Productive-Educational App”
Anyone can utilize our framework to create exclusively test preparation APP at Free of Cost’.


Our Mission is to empower students preparing for competitive exams with interesting, result oriented app. With a strive for constant evolution, we will provide advanced features constantly that will enhance user experience of the app

Main Features

Adrwamento helps you to develop your own test prep app in just few minutes, with following main features.

  • Customized exam settings

    Through different exam settings user can set different options to prepare for the exam like

    • No of questions, Show timer
    • Show question - All / Flagged / Favorite
    • Show result - End or Immediate, Show Answer - End or Immediate
    • Allow multiple selection - Yes or No

  • Flagged and favorite Questions

    App user can easily access and utilize the their Flagged and Favorite questions through Reports -> Questions page.
    It would help the user to focus the weak and important question category .

  • Maths Formulas

    We are using advanced scripts to load the formulas look like normal text and not using old fashioned image rendering technique. This approach gives the user the flexibility to clearly view the formulas even if they zoom the content.

  • Timeline View

    Timeline view details how many times the particular questions was attempted, taken date & time with its position appearing in the particular exam. How much time was taken to answer and was in answered correctly or not.

  • Practice with preferable Category

    User Can practice questions from selective category through Start New Exam -> Select Category from top right side of the page. Then select any category that user wish and press to begin their test.


    Our question bank has questions from various categories like question belongs to Science or Mathematics or Geography etc... This page shows the progress of the user in various categories. It gives information like - all category names, total questions available in each category, no of questions attempted, no of correct & wrong answers.


  • IOS and Adroid Support

    Adrwamento supports to generate the test preparation app for IOS and Android Operation system.

  • Generate app with Free and Paid questions

    App publisher can generation the app with Free and paid content classification.

  • Different Content Classification

    Test preparation app perspective, Adrwamento provides different types of user friendly content classification like MCQ, MSQ, Match the following, Fill in the blanks, Flashcards, Formulas, Brain dumps, Tips and Tricks and Mockup exams.

  • Multimedia Reference

    App publishers can attach reference IMAGE, AUDIO or VIDEO for each questions, if need.

App Features

Easy Management

Today's bite is an interesting option that pops random questions from your exam syllabus to motivate you during your prepartion. User can choose to activate / deactive it anytime.

Homepage Visualized Report

User can see the No of Attempted questions progress Bar, Average Exam Score and No of Flagged Questions, through home page Circle Progress Bar.


This card flip effect contains an information, held up for users to see, as an interactive aid for their learning. User can select their preferred category flash card. If they wish they can make any particular flash card as their favorite by clicking on the crush icon in the bottom center of the page.


User can get totally 3 Different kinds of reports in the app.

  • Exams Report
  • Flagged & Favourite Questions Report
  • Category Report

How to get your App

Simple 3 steps will help to create your own Exam preparation app.

1. Register
2. Upload Questions
3. Generate App